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Sculpture Golden Emilie

by Harald Marquardt

The plastic „Die Goldene Emilie“ reminding on angel's wings, was created in 2012 by Harald Marquardt. The sculpture is installed in the southeast part of the Vaihinger Stadtpark.

Golden Emilie, a sculpture composed of brass and a stainless steel column, was created by Harald Marquardt in 2012. The sculpture, which calls to mind a pair of angel's wings, is located at the  southeastern end of the Vaihingen City Park. 

The upper section resembles a maple seed and symbolizes an angel, which led to the sculpture's second name "big angel." The sculpture stands for the sanctity of the park, a symbol of the ever-present watch over the park grounds. The angel is constructed from brass and is positioned atop a stainless steel pillar. The angel is mounted in such a way that it can spin in any direction the wind blows, thus showing that the watch over the park is ongoing and alert in all directions.  

In March 2013, Harald Marquardt's artwork was able to be installed. One of the special features of this piece is that it represents an identifying characteristic for Vaihingen in honor of the social engagement of Emilie Vollmoeller, the wife of the textile manufacturer, Robert Vollmoeller, who's also to be recognized for his family's part in donating the beautiful land for the present-day Vaihingen City Park. 

The German artist Harald Marquardt was born in Sindelfingen in 1949. Following his general schooling, Marquardt started his studies at the Kunst- und Werkschule as well as the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung in Pforzheim. Since 2007, he has been the Chairman of the artist league, Kultur am Kelterberg Vaihingen, e.V. Marquardt lives and works as a freelance artist and designer in Stuttgart-Vaihingen.


  • Location:
    Vaihingen City Park
    Emilienstrasse /Vaihinger Bahnhof
    70563 Stuttgart